The 12 Big Transformations At Our Next

1) How To Win Audiences & Influence Buying!

2) Why Every CEO or Business Owner Must Be
A Speaker, Author or Thought Leader!

3) Six Types of Speaker/Authors - Which One Are You?

4) When True Thought Leaders Need Instant Cash...
Here Is What They Do!

5) The Science & The Art Of Creating
The Ultimate Keynote that Educates & Sells!

6) The Secret Weapon To Solving
The Biggest Problems For Speakers and Authors.

7) Do you Make These Mistakes In Your Speaker Author Business?

8) Profits That Lay Hidden in Your Speaker Author Business

9) Creating A Successful Thought Leadership Business.

10) The 3 Big Powerful Lessons of Strategic Partnering
And How To Transform Your Business and The Business
of Every Client You Influence!

11) Get More Stages!

12) From Expert To Empire: The Proven Blueprints!

So, What's the Plan?

The Speaker Author Mastermind is a Small Intimate Group of Speaker and Authors coming together to help each other grow their business.

Therefore the Agenda is usually formed based on the needs and desires of the members and attendees in the room.


The General schedule and start times are listed below.

- 8:30am Arrive & Registration
- 9:00am Morning Session Starts Promptly
- 12:30pm Break For Lunch
- 2:00pm Afternoon Session Starts Promptly
- Afternoon Break 15-30 minutes (when convenient)
- 5:30pm Afternoon Session Ends

Our Next Mastermind Presenters


Mark Harris

Mark Harris has served many thousands of individuals, entrepreneurs, professionals and CEOs throughout the nation and abroad, as an advisor, mentor, speaker, entrepreneur, inventor, and thought leader. However, he considers himself first, and foremost, a dedicated follower of The Creator, a loving husband, and a blessed father of his 12 children.

Mark's describes his core expertise as being a "Relationship Capitalist". Mark and his team can help catapult anyone in their personal, professional, and business life, to successfully leverage world-class partners. Mark's strategies will change forever the way you live and work.

Deborah Owen

Deborah Owen, an award-winning podcaster, best-selling author, ghost-writer, copywriter, and content marketing specialist, is the founder of Winning Content Strategy.

A long-time public school librarian, when starting her entrepreneurial journey, Deborah received mentoring and coaching from several 7-figure earners round the globe. Now her content marketing and copywriting company helps business owners like you attract attention, build brand authority, connect with, and convert your audience.

With her strategic partner, marketing and mastermind thought leader Mark Harris, Deborah is launching From Expert to Empire, the #1 business mentorship program, that helps businesses grow FAST by focusing on what matters most.

Deborah lives in Massachusetts with her husband and their two flat-coat retrievers. They have three 20-something children living across the country, so she is looking for new ways to get frequent flyer miles!

Doug Brown

Doug has led client award-winning and high performance teams, as well as pioneered profitable development programs for companies. He has advised companies such as Intuit, CBS Television, Procter & Gamble, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Nationwide, Inc. 500 to 5000 companies and thousands of other businesses and entrepreneurs.

Doug started working for his family business at the age of three and has gone on to found or build 33 businesses. Through his personal experiences and studies he has developed a unique methodology to increasing revenues which is transferrable to any company.

Doug also was employed for multibillion dollar companies and earned Top Sales Professional Awards for his sales performances.

Dustin Matthews

Initially, I was so afraid to speak in front of others, that I found a loophole (after a lot of research) to get out of public speaking class in school.

Running from speaking, I leveraged both offline and online marketing to build relationships. Until one day, I was forced to cover for my boss' presentation. After getting past the fear, I was surprised at the response I received, even though I was in my early 20s and had a baby face.

Now @ Speaking Empire, we help celebrities, thought leaders, experts, authors, coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs and business owners how to speak and market themselves so they can grow their businesses, increase their influence and improve their authority.

Mary Agnes Antonopoulos

Mary Agnes Antonopoulos is a respected consultant and strategist with over 3,000 successful digital marketing campaigns for clients, including a dozen NY Times bestselling authors and a long list of entrepreneurs and corporations.

In addition to being a highly regarded speaker and leader in social strategy, especially focused on how social impacts the Google algorithm she is also a sought after copywriter – with a high open rate of 57% on a list of over 60,000. She has supported thousands of people with her live digital marketing membership course and speaks and teaches all over the country.

Ken Rochon

Ken Rochon is an author, speaker and social media guru. He loves the arts and sciences. He has authored 12 books on a multitude of topics to include children, linguistics, marketing, networking, and travel. His current book 'Keep Smiling... Shift Happens!' has caused a movement of celebrities and leaders to want to join in helping remind the world positivity attracts positive power.

Ken is considered a humanitarian and philanthropists for the hundreds of events he and his company volunteer to support and market each year. His desire to inspire living a purpose driven life caused him to create The Umbrella Syndicate to support authors, leaders and speakers. He is a specialist in creating 'Social Proof Viral Campaigns' for some of the top events, leaders, non-profits and organizations. His ability to see the vision of a leader and cause the perception of the vision to become a reality is one of the reasons he is included in so many amazing concepts, inventions, and projects.

Ken's ability to capture the human spirit is the biggest reason he is sought after for some of the biggest events in the USA. His company will be expanding to Europe in 2016 and will allow him to support the troops abroad.

Ken loves to travel and recently accomplished one of his bucket list of visiting over 100 countries. Ken's favorite place to travel is back home to spend time with his family. His son Kenny is the light of his life.

Mastermind Host & Facilitator

Mark Harris

Robert MacPhee

What Was Our Last Agenda?

2 Powerful Events Together...
In The Same Place, In The Same Week.


Event #1

Speakers & Presenters

Russ Whitney

Loral Langemeier

Kevin Harrington

Larry Benet


“How To Dramatically Scale Your Business… SMASH Through Plateaus… Successfully Manage Your Exponential Growth… And SAFELY Navigate All The Obstacles and Growing Pains You’ll Encounter Along The Way.

Priceless LESSONS… INSIGHTS… and INSIDER CONTACTS From Russ Whitney and His Private ‘Power Team’ of Expert Advisors.”

Here’s Your Chance To Gain Access To Russ Whitney’s 30 Years Of Experience, Business Secrets, (and Even His Billion Dollar Rolodex…)

Event #2

Speakers & Presenters

Mark Harris

Dustin Matthews

Glenn Dietzel

Dave Van Hoose

With Bigger Audiences!

  • Turn Your Books and Gigs Into Multiple Back-end Profit Centers.
  • Transform More Audiences With Content Like No Other!
  • Develop World-Class Partnerships For High-Growth In Your Speaker Author Business!